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Sean Salmon Back-Tracks After Ohio Athletic Commission Brings the Heat


A few days ago, Sean Salmon, perhaps better known as the guy in every Rashad Evans highlight reel, wrote a piece for MMA where he talked about giving an opponent his arm so he could lose a fight and stay healthy.  Well, Ohio, the state where that fight took place, didn't take too kindly to Salmon admitting that he intentionally lost a fight. interviewed Salmon so he could set the record straight.

Sherdog: When you escaped the armbar in the second round, did you stick your arm back in knowing he would grab it?
Salmon: No. I wrote it the wrong way. He got the arm. I knew it was a position I could defend. If I fought and struggled the way you’re supposed to, I could’ve gotten out. But I didn’t have that fight in me. On that night, at the time, I did not have the motivation to fight that any more. I wanted to be anywhere else in the world but that cage, that night.

I understand what Salmon means, and if that's really what happened, there is no way he should be punished for it.  Last I checked, having a bad mind for fighting isn't worthy of a suspension.  A video of the fight might answer the question since it's an issue of him escaping an armbar and then putting himself back in.