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Jim Ross Has Opinions For You on Hershel Walker in MMA

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Have you noticed that Jim Ross spends as much time talking about MMA as he does pro wrestling?  Here he's torn:  he loves the UFC but he loves college football stars of all shapes and races.


It's hard to not have great respect for the athletic accomplishments of former Georgia Bulldog and NFL star Herschel Walker but Herschel's recent decision to venture into MMA at age 47 makes no sense. Is this a publicity stunt or is Walker truly serious about competing at a high level of MMA at his age? Why would any responsible promoter sign Walker to a contract of this nature unless it was merely for PR which will turn into negative ink if Herschel fights and gets embarrassed or injured. This is not a good move for MMA in general of which UFC takes the biggest hit because they are the biggest dog in the hunt.

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