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It's official: Highspots to auction off Flair's NWA belt this coming Monday


According to the wrestling news site filled with spyware that we refuse to link to, Highspots will be listing Ric Flair's "domed globe" (pre-"big gold)" NWA World Heavyweight Title belt on eBay this coming Monday, October 5th.  As previously reported, Flair gave them the belt as collateral against a loan.  Flair and his people are saying that the debt was settled by Flair making appearances for Highspots, but they don't appear to be fighting the sale of the belt.  The two sides are also engaged in a dispute over whether or not Highspots has the right to sell DVDs of featuring Flair's appearances at the recent fan convention that included the 2009 Hall of Heroes induction ceremony.  Flair still owes money fronted to him by Ring of Honor as a deposit for the shows that he canceled at WWE's behest.  We'll keep you posted on the auction, providing a link on Monday.

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