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Good Ole' JR's Take on Fedor


Jim Ross on his BBQOMGHOSS blog confirms that he knows more about MMA and how UFC is run than most fans do, regardless of how they talk. What he talks about speaks as to why Strikeforce and other MMA promotions have such a hard time doing and staying in business; they rely on their talent too much. There is a reason why people are still PRIDE fanboys and why people aren't fans of MMA, they are fans of Ultimate Fighting.

Loved this email...what's most likely to ocur...Bret Hart appearing on WWE TV or Fedor signing with UFC? Easily it's Bret Hart making an appearance on a WWE show as I never see Fedor signing with UFC under the ridiculous terms of his recent contract demands. 

The UFC brand is bigger than any individual star on its roster and smart companies always keep themselves in that position. 

Any talent in pro wrestling or MMA who feels that they are bigger than the brand for which they work and are more important than the team on which they play should be quickly facilitated to play elsewhere. 

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