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K-1 Final 16 Results -- Overeem On His Way to the WGP


Last night saw a lot of action in Seoul, South Korea as K-1 held their yearly Final 16 Qualifier show. With big fights like Remy Bonjasky taking on Melvin Manhoef, Badr Hari against Zabit Samedov and Alistair Overeem against Mr. K1 himself, Peter Aerts. It also featured what turned into the retirement bout for legendary Japanese kickboxer Musashi who put up a valiant last effort against hard hitting Jerome Le Banner. The big story is Alistair Overeem ousted, for the first time in history, Peter "Mr. K1" Aerts. K1 Legend stayed up late so you didn't have to.

Peter Aerts vs. Alistar Overeem

R1. This is the fight, right here. Overeem right off the bell bullrushes Aerts and throws him down twice. We saw this against Remy. Aerts is keeping his distance with the low kicks while Overeem keeps looking for the clinch. Yet another throw by Overeem. Aerts with a great combo, Overeem with a high knee. Overeem with a left hook at the bell. Overeem barely gets this round.

R2. Peter comes out looking fantastic and swarming Overeem, and Alistair trips Aerts. Flying knee by Overeem, Aerts fights back from the ropes! Fantastic fight so far. Overeem working some low kicks and scores again with the high knee. Exchanging knees by both guys and a high kick from Aerts, then some body shots and a body knee. Alistair trips him again. Draw.

R3. Aerts comes out strong and technical, great body shot met with a high knee by Overeem. Leg kick by Overeem stumbles Aerts, then his right hand stumbles Aerts. Aerts ont he ropes, left body, right uppercut. Aerts with a comeback but Overeem able to get him against the ropes again. Aerts might miss his first K-1 Grand Prix, crazy. Overeem keeps coming and coming, Aerts has two swollen eyes. Overeem.

UD, Overeem

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