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Health Care For Wrestlers Could Change Everything

As esteemed contributor Bix reported earlier, Dawn Marie and Wrestlers Rescue may be close to offering health care for professional wrestlers.  This is, quite frankly, earth-shattering news as it pertains to the industry of professional wrestling.  For nearly thirty years there have been rumblings from within wrestling to unionize the wrestlers.  Usually these arguments are focused on the idea that it would allow wrestlers to receive health care.  As it stands currently, it is extremely difficult for anyone who wrestles to obtain insurance.  It's entirely possible that many of the wrestlers who find themselves crippled or worse at a young age would be in much better shape if health care had been available.  Since the 1980s professional wrestling has been slowly ratcheting up the level of danger and amount of wear and tear on one's body that comes with the job. Perhaps lives could have been saved if better health care -- or any -- had been available to wrestlers years ago.

Through the years, talk of unions and health care has sprung up either annually or every other year.  The discussion is usually brought up by a recently-released WWE wrestler or a wrestler in the low- or mid-card position.  While they may have a few supporters, all other wrestlers generally keep silent on the subject for fear of losing their jobs or falling out of favor with the decision-makers and employers. 

I'm hoping Wrestlers Rescue can make this happen.

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