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Tim Kennedy: Army Sniper Takes Aim on the Middleweight Division

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And after his fight this Friday with Zak Cummings, he's got his sights set on "Mayhem" Miller. What do you think would be different in a rubber match with Miller?

Tim Kennedy: I pretty much crushed Jason for two rounds, like destroyed him and got cut in the second round and scooped blood out of my eyes for the last round. It was a very frustrating, irritating fight. I was never hurt at any point. I got up the next day, put some stitches on my nose, and was in the gym the day after that. It’s a really irritating loss to know that you’re destroying a guy and whatever the rules were, I get elbowed and cut and that changed the whole course of the fight, not being able to see. So I’m going to eliminate the possibility of those things happening. I know what the rules are and I know the rules in Strikeforceand making sure the referees know what they are and that they’re enforced. Then I’m just going to do exactly what I was doing in the last fight and maul him.

Kennedy has long been considered a top prospect.  Now that he's fighting full time, I think we'll see great things from this American hero.

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