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Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson Next Week





Oh man. This is going to kick ass. Roy Nelson, the potbellied dough boy with an awesome ground game. Kimbo Slice, the internet sensation with a questionable chin. On the one hand, I am saddened because I was hoping this would be the finals matchup. On the other hand I am highly encouraged because there is NO WAY IN HELL this fight can possibly be worse than the epic crapfest that was Wes Shivers vs James McSweeney. Good lord, that was the worst fight in the history of The Ultimate Fighter. Think of the amount of ground that covers for a moment. When heavyweight fights are bad, man oh man, they are BAD. My prediction for next week is Nelson R1 via submission. Can Kimbo avoid the takedown long enough to land a big bomb? Can Nelson and his questionable conditioning put Kimbo away? What do you think? Who do you have winning next week?

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