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Hulk Hogan threatens some singer I've never heard of


Celebrity blog What Would Tyler Durden Do has somehow procured the audio of a threatening voicemail that Hulk Hogan left for Chase Holfelder, the the lead singer of The Mile After.  I have no idea who Chase Holfelder is or who The Mile After are, but a quick Googling reveals they have emo hair to go with their emo name, so to hell with them.  I'm sure the Hulkster had a good reason for leaving this message:

Hey yo, Chase.  You're messing with the wrong girl, you're messing with [Hulk]amania.  I'm [gonn]a send a couple Hell's Angels over there to break your legs.  You'll be playing in the band from a wheelchair, brother.  You need to back off.

We got "messing with Hulkamania" and "brother" but know "let me tell you something," "everybody knows," or "whatcha gonna do."  Is it wrong to be mildly disappointed by that?

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