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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

This is a match  and write up I posted at my personal blog Legion of the Damned


This is the Outsiders vs Mortis and Wrath from the night after Fall Brawl 997.

Match starts off with  Hall getting the advantage and puts Mortis on the mat with an arm bar. Mortis eventually gets on the offensive. Mortis hits the rocker dropper and works over Hall with kicks in the corner. Mortis gets hit with the fallaway slam by Hall. Instead of staying on him e smacks Wrath in the mouth which gives Mortis the chance to hit a spinning heel kick. He tags Wrath in but Hall is back on his feet and tags in Nash.

This is a fun power guy segment. First Nash gets Wrath in the corner and knees Wrath in the gut three times. He tries to whip wrath in the corner but its reversed. wrath then starts laying into Nash with various kicks, chops and punches. the fans are reacting big to whenever Mortis and Wrath are on offense. He hits Nash with a big running bicycle kick. Tags in Mortis who hits a great looking russian Leg Sweep. Followed by a second rope leg drop. But Nash hits Mortis with a big boot after Hall hits him coming off the ropes.

Nash is going to go for the power bomb on Mortis but first he hits Wrath with a big boot, then hits Mortis with a power bomb. I dunno if its fashionable to hate Kanyon (Mortis under the mask) but he eats a good power bomb here.

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