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Great Moments in MMA History: Nick and Nate Diaz Punk Out the Entire State of Hawaii





To understand Nick and Nate Diaz you first must understand what it's like to be a Nor Cal Mexican. To understand what it's like to be a Nor Cal Mexican you must be a Nor Cal Mexican. They're loud, brash and seemingly over confident yet they continue to win fights. You either love them or loathe them. There is no middle ground. View one of their finest moments after the jump.

KJ Noons had "beaten" Nick Diaz for the EliteXC Lightweight championship when the cageside by doctor's stoppage due to cuts. Diaz was pissed and demanded a rematch 7 months later. Noons was a candy ass and refused to give Nick his rematch. The following hilarity ensued. Keep a close eye on Noons old ass dad trying to flex nuts.



Nick Diaz hasn't lost a fight since this melee went down. KJ Noons hasn't fought in MMA since and lost a boxing match. Nick Diaz owns. KJ Noons is a sissy.

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