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Step 1: Loan Money to Ric Flair, Step 2: ???, Step 3: Profit!

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The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Ring of Honor and Highspots somehow thought it was a good idea to loan Ric Flair money (for the sake of my faith in the human race, I hope that this was a misstatement about the upfront payment Flair received covering half of his booking fees not being refunded when he pulled out of scheduled appearances).  In a development that should come as no surprise to anybody other than Ring of Honor and Highspots, he hasn't paid it back.  Thankfully for the Professional Wrestling Credit Union, he put up collateral that could be of use to them: The NWA World Heavyweight Title Belt that Flair used for his title reigns from 1981 to 1985.  Depending on how much money they're owed, they could make back more by auctioning it on eBay, as the belt mark (don't look at me, they don't seem to be mind being called that) community has a lot of money to spend on a belt as high profile as that one.