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Ideas for Hulk Hogan's new promotion "Hulkamania."


-The lighting should be made so that the whole arena is in a red and orange glow.

-When not wrestling Hogan should sit on a throne near the ring and bark orders to people. Similar to Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat..

- During the bouts Brooke Hogan's music should be playing in  the arena at all times.

- The only food sold in the arena is pasta from Hulk Hogan's old Pasta-Mania restaurant .

- When a wrestler  comes down the ramp going to the ring he must meet Hogan (who like I said is siting on a throne) and kiss his feet.

-Before each match starts both wrestlers must give a testimonial about how Hulkamania has changed them for the better.

-The first tour should be booked around a Hogan/Brian Knobbs feud  (redo the Andre angle with Knobbs) and a brutal hardcore feud with Brutus Beefcake and Evad Sullivan.

-Each show ends with Hogan talking about how he slammed Andre (or Andor to those in the know) the Giant at Wrestlemania  3 and how Andre died about 20 minutes later.

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