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Kerry Brown passes away


Former wrestler Kerry Brown (seen above with Rip Rogers), the nephew of "Bulldog" Bob Brown, passed away this morning at the age of 51.  He's probably best known for his runs in Stampede Wrestling, where he and Duke Myers as "The Masters of Disaster" were the dominant heel team during the '80s.  He was the resident chubby bump machine in the style of Buddy Rose and Adrian Adonis.  Outside of Stampede, sometimes using the name Rick Valentine, he mainly spent time in Puerto Rico, Winnipeg, and the Maritimes.

After the jump, you can see Brown in action, teaming with Ron Starr against Dynamite Kid and Sonny Two Rivers (Junji Hirata/Strong Machine #1/Super Strong Machine/Makai Mask #1/Black Strong Machine) in a match from Calgary in 1984.

Sonny Two Rivers-Dynamite Kid vs Kerry Brown-Ron Starr (via sondog42)

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