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Morrison v. Ziggler: Was Cancelling the Match the Right Move?

James Caldwell at the PW Torch makes that case:

An opening tag match with Morrison & a top young babyface from Raw vs. Dolph & a top young heel from Raw would be a nice "bonus match" to achieve both goals of fulfilling the Dolph vs. Morrison advertising while saving that important singles match-up for a future date.

WWE made the right decision to pull the singles match. Dolph vs. Morrison could be special and WWE has plans to elevate both as main event stars. It will be disappointing for many fans if both are completely left off the card on Sunday, but the match-up will have more value in the long-term.


That perspective requires taking the leap of faith that the WWE is serious about pushing any new faces.  It generally has a hard time even when it wants to:  the opinion among the boys in the back that everyone is terrible generally ends up sinking every promising wrestler.  It will sink these guys too, well before they are in position to draw money.

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