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Hulk Hogan Announces Dates for New Promotion

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have been threatening to start a new wrestling promotion since before WCW went out of business.  While everyone has been busy telling themselves that these two guys are full of crap, The Wrestling Observer suddenly announced that they have announced the first three dates for their new promotion, called "Hulkamania".  Also, they are still full of crap.  (Bischoff and Hogan, not the esteemed Observer.)

It seems that

The dates for the shows are 11/21 in Melbourne, Australia at Rod Laver Arena; 11/24 in Perth at the SuperDome and 11/28 in Sydney at the Acer Arena.

Condon Sports and Entertainment and KnokX Pro Entertainment will be the local promoters.

Hogan will be going to Australia later this month for a promotional tour when tickets go on sale on 9/24.

No names other than Hogan have been announced.   

An Australian promotion called Hulkamania, starring Hulk Hogan and no other wrestlers at the moment, is opening in just over two months.  It's a fairly sound strategy, as Hulk Hogan wrestling Kamala or One Man Gang or whoever they will be able to get in the United States in 2009 would do pretty poorly, but Australia is actually clamoring for wrestling at the moment, so the three shows will probably do fairly well.  Then they'll close up shop once Hogan makes another month of comeback appearances with WWE and "retires" again.

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