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Vince is mad at Rey


Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut when you work for Vince McMahon.

Word coming from backstage at RAW was Vince McMahon held a teleconference with Stephanie McMahon and the other head writers for the WWE. The main focus of the discussion was Rey Mysterio's positive steroid test and the aftermath. Vince made it clear to everyone that he was very upset that Rey felt the need to conduct an interview with a Mexican newspaper in which he made himself out to be the victim.

The punishments that Vince considered were:

  • a thorough burying on SMACKDOWN this week
  • outright stripping him of the Intercontinental Title and holding a tournament (thought to be his least favorite suggestion, as Vince likes to keep things old school, with a champ losing the belt in a match)
  • booking a match, thought to be with Dolph Ziggler, in which Rey loses his mask

Vince is very much in favor of stripping Rey of his mask at this point, with everyone backstage hoping cooler heads will prevail once the two men meet face to face tonight at SMACKDOWN tapings.

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