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Gary Hart memoir sold out, may not be reprinted


About 2 months ago, Gary Hart's autobiography was released posthumously.  It's absolutely fantastic, one of the top five wrestling books ever, and I was planning on reviewing it soon (and I still may).  With the first printing sold out in 2 months, an impressive feat for what's essentially a self-published book sold by a single website, you would think that they'd be gearing to print more.  According to posts by Hart's son Jason at the Kayfabe Memories forums, this may not happen.

never say never, but if you have one you just might be holding a rare collectible.


 all i can say is thank you,,    

It would really be a shame if this is the only printing.  The 450+ page book is incredibly detailed, insightful, and full of great stories.  If they don't choose to reprint it, then maybe those who missed out can pray for an e-book.

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