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Video: Frank Mir is Better Than Everybody

330919kt_mediumFormer UFC champion Frank Mir is back at it again.  Ever since Mir's comeback win against Brock Lesnar at UFC 81, he seems to have become an expert on most subjects.  Do you have questions about fighting?  Potentially deadly illnesses?  The meaning of life?  Miguel Torres?  Frank Mir has got you covered.

During the early part of the video, I'm not sure what Mir is actually referring to (since he has a tendency to speak backwards).  He is either saying that "I think that's pretty sad and pathetic" that Joe Rogan brought up the fact that Nogueria had staph infection when Frank Mir beat him, or that he thinks that it's "pretty sad and pathetic" that Nogueira actually got staph infection.  You be the judge!

Mir goes on to say:

"I have a certain viciousness about the way I fight.  That's why there's many a people who have steel plates put inside their body because of me afterwards."

I ran this one through Babelfish and translated it from old timey English to modern English and it said, "I submitted Tim Sylvia a long time ago and will milk it forever."  Man, I didn't even know that was a language!

The video and more after the jump.

Another interesting fact that can be gleaned from the interview is that Frank Mir is living in the past.  Michael Jordan is still the best at basketball!  Frank Mir would love to fight Mike Tyson because Tyson is the best in the world!  He wants to test himself against the best in the world, so he uses examples of people who were the best in other sports 20 years ago.  Alright.  Still, you can't discount Mir for wanting to fight Anderson Silva: "I think that fighting him, I would try to use a lot of skill."  Yes.

Mir also had some advice for top heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko: if Fedor doesn't feel like he has anything to prove, he should dissapear!  Okay, I'm not sure if Starry Oskol has a magician's college, but maybe Mir (who is most likely ranked in the top ten magicians in the world) could help him out.  Maybe suggest an online magic class or something.

Also, somebody at Raw Vegas dropped the ball by thinking that second segment was about Nogueira... although it is much more entertaining if you imagine Mir talking about Nogueira being inexperienced.

If I was Mir's publicist I would suggest being a little more humble.

Watch Frank Mir Says Fedor Should Retire, Go Home And Disappear on

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