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Dragon Gate Wrestlers Accused of Animal Abuse

A couple months back, there was a stir online due to shocking photos that seemed to suggest several Dragon Gate wrestlers were abusing a pet monkey.  Today, the Mainichi Daily News is reporting that police have officially filed documents against three of the wrestlers.

KOBE -- Police here will send documents to prosecutors on three professional wrestlers over allegations they abused a pet monkey kept at a training gym.

The three, as well as another former wrestler, are accused of violating the Law concerning the Protection and Control of Animals.

Around April, the monkey -- a female 10-year-old Japanese macaque -- was subjected to various acts of abuse at a gym run by Kobe-based wrestling group Dragon Gate, including being burned with a lighter and sprayed with deodorant, by three of the suspects, according to investigators. Another suspect is accused of purchasing the monkey sometime around 2000 and failing to register it with the mayor's office.

Police began investigating the case after complaints that the prompter's Web site contained images of the monkey being choked and suffering a nosebleed.

Keep in mind that Dragon Gate released a statement some time ago suggesting that one of the wrestlers involved in the scandal had been released, the others had been disciplined, and the president of Dragon Gate had taken a self-imposed pay cut as a result of the scandal happening under his watch.  The monkey is now living (ostensibly happily) on a private reserve.

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