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Know Your Submission Holds: The Rear Naked Choke




As far as chokes go, the RNC is as basic and versatile as they get. If you have control of your opponents back, you're in position to sink one in. Lock in your hooks, flatten out your opponent and BAM, nap time is imminent. I have selected some excellent video clips for you right after you make the jump.

Judo: Shime Waza - Hadaka Jime - Rear Naked Choke (via AlabamaJudo)

Here we initially see the RNC being applied on a kneeling opponent. Not the best of positions to be in to attempt to apply the RNC, but it's still doable. At the 2:00 mark we see it being applied much more effectively on a turtled opponent.


Matt Hughes shows his Rear Naked Choke (via granadajohn)


Here we see UFC legend and legit good ol' boy Matt Hughes demonstrating the power of the RNC to a group of fellow good ol' boys! The gun safes and antlers mounted on the wall just add to the absurdity of the whole thing.


Joe Rogan demonstrates the rear naked choke! (via kwestyunz)

And lastly we see UFC mouthpiece and comedian Joe Rogan sending some radio DJ on a one way trip to Napville. Unfortunately the video does not provide any conclusive evidence as to whether or not he was wearing dragon pants at the time of the incident.


There you have it! Hit the mats and give it a go!

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