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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

Going to write about a match that has a sorta UFC connection.  Taz vs Paul Varelans from Hardcore Heaven 96.





This is a fairly infamous match. Despite the fact not many people have seen it. ECW never showed it on television but they did advertise the video for years and years. Basic story behind the match is ECW had been promoting Taz as the toughest wrestler in the world. They accomplished this by having him win most matches fairly quickly by submission. Usually against larger opponents. With a guy Taz's size that was not very hard. 


ECW decided to take things further by having Taz defeat a real UFC fighter. The guy they decided on was "The Polar Bear" Paul Varelans . Im far from an mma expert. But of the classic human cockfight UFC cards I've seen i never saw Varelans win a fight.  But he was a good choice. Big huge roided guy who has appeared in UFC before.

The match starts with Bill Alfonzo getting on the mic and laying into Varelans and threatening to beat  Varelans  up himself.

Taz looks great in this. Pulling off some great mat work. Its the best Ive ever seen Taz look on the mat. Varelans slaps on a sad looking arm bar and Taz is selling the damage. Then Varelans throws some of the worst kicks I have ever seen. I mean these are sub Rena Mero. The referee starts to seperate the, then Perry Saturn hits the most brutal missile dropkick I have ever seen. It legit KO's Varelans . In a pretty impressive feat of strength, Taz manages to T Bone Suplex the unconscious Varelans . Then slaps on a real Taz Mission. I say real because Varelans is visibly changing colors. After the match Taz does some great heel work mocking the fans saying he fucked them again.


Now there is a rumor that Varleans agreed to job, because Missy Hyatt promised to blow him. I have no idea of this is true. With the wrestlers at ringside and Saturn trying to decapitate Varelans its obvious ECW was worried for whatever reason.

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