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MMA Fans Biased Against Pro Wrestling? No way.


We all remember the outrage over Brock Lesnar's antics at UFC 100 after demolishing Frank Mir. Lesnar got in the face of a groggy and bloody Frank Mir and made fun of him for losing, then went on to growl and spit at the camera, insult one of UFC's main sponsors and tell the whole world he was going to mount his wife, Sable, while having a Coors Lite. 

Fightlinker brings the comparison to us here and with one simple sentence sums it up.

Thiago wasn’t in the WWE, so this is OK, right?

I like to have answers to questions like these, and honestly, there is no good answer other than "pretty much." I think what Lesnar did was clearly on a whole different level, but this does support the theory that Lesnar only gets heat because of his history as a professional wrestler.

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