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Kids Loved Todd Duffee's Vicious KO of Tim Hague

Todd Duffee

Photo Courtesy of SHERDOG.COM

I found a video of a crowd reaction (a bar crowd) to Todd Duffee's record setting KO last night against Tim Hague.  For those of you who missed it, Duffee landed a jab that floored Hague and then layed him out within six or seven seconds, setting a new UFC record for the fastest KO.  But wait, why read this when you can listen to a recap of the fight, complete with creative pronunciations of last names.  Duff?  Hog?  Hagoo?  After watching that bar reaction, these videos were suggested to me by my favorite Skynet-like video service, YouTube.  I love it. 

Also, can someone explain to me what is up with so many people reading play by plays and making videos of them?  It isn't just younger people either, there are lots of grown men who seem to think that their dramatic reading of a Marcus Aurelio fight is going to land them a seat next to Wolf Blitzer.  Being into something is great, but I really can't understand the motivation to create these sorts of videos.  I haven't seen the future of journalism, but it is probably not this.

Watch the videos, after the jump.

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