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Smackdown random thoughts




- It is kind of sad that the Punk/Hardy feud is ending. It is by far the best angle in wrestling today.

-Punk starts to go on a rant about how he does not take pain killers. this freaking rules it.

-Now Punk starts calling the Undertaker "Evil" I am looking forward to see how this feud will go. What kind of promos will Punk cut on the Deadmen? Will the Taker start talking about how he hates the straight edge lifestyle?

- So Punk is the first straight edge world champion? Say it ain't so Stan Stasiak.

- Jeff Hardy comes out to a big pop and says "You are once again preaching as if the three most important words are "just say no" but the three most important words are 'STEEL CAGE MATCH!!" Okay Jeff sure....... ....

-  Jeff agrees to a career ending match with Punk since he is likely high on something or other.

-We have a decent Morrison/ Matt Hardy vs Harts match. Guess Matt is not turning heel after all.


- Ziggler and Maria do some bad soap opera stuff. Is Maria still a moron or did she have her IQ raised at some point?

- The Jerichshow new theme is a little bit better than the mashup but still lame.

-  Rey fights Kane and both Khali and Ziggler do run-ins at the end. We will miss you for a little bit Rey Rey.

- This week Ross says that Kane is 'Evil and intelligent".

- The Punk/Hardy cage match rules and afterwards a lot of 14 year old girls are sad at the loss of Jeff's career and cry a lot.

-They really really need to get Jeff Hardy back as soon as they can so he can get his revenge.

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