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Loser Leaves Town Podcast 8/28/09 w/ Rob Naylor: IWA Mid-South memories and Russians


It's the first episode of my long-running Loser Leaves Town Podcast (keep coming here for my stuff but that link will stay active for the convenience of iTunes users and the like) to be done for Cageside Seats (and the first podcast of any kind on this site)!  I am joined by my good friend Rob Naylor, formerly of Dr. Keith Show fame at the Observer site.  In the sequel to our popular Pacific Islanders show, we discuss the many Russians throughout the years in pro wrestling on top of our favorite memories of IWA Mid-South.  Learn which Russians were real (not a all), listen to us debate the merits of Nikolai Volkoff, be amazed at the match we suggested to IWA that they didn't book because they thought it wouldn't draw for some reason, and much more.  Over 2 hours(!!! -  It's not like you have to listen to it all in one sitting) of heart-stopping action and the usual fun that results from putting me and Rob together. 

Download it here.

To make sure that Cageside Seats remains your one-stop shop for wrestling content, I will also be reposting old shows here (featuring CM Punk, Lance Russell, J.J. Dillon, and more) with my thoughts on them.

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