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Your Wrestling Move of the Day: The Space Flying Tiger Drop!

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Whew, that's a mouthful. The flying anime tumbleweed drop or whatever is a great move because it makes literally no sense. I can, to some extent, understand why you'd want to jump on a guy outside of the ring. I can even, sort of, understand why you'd want to land on him with your spine. (No I can't.) But I really can't understand why you'd want to do a cartwheel before you do it.

The frivolity of the move is made all the more bewildering by the fact that Great Sasuke is apparently a huge jerk in real life, and you wouldn't typically thing a guy who kicks subway passengers half to death would be interested in graceful, convoluted sacrifice moves. I have a hard time understanding people sometimes though. The video is, surprise, after the jiggity jump.