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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

While looking for Yokozuna vs Hulk Hogan I came across a match I had been wanting to watch for awhile. Sid Vicious vs Goldberg from Halloween Havoc 1999.

Goldberg and Sid had been feuding for about three months.Im honestly not sure how exactly it started. It was a segue from the Goldberg/Rick Steiner and Sid/Sting feuds. I just can't remember the paticulers of how it started. The actual feud I remember very well. Sid had declared himself the Millenium Man and was intent on breaking Goldberg's record. His method of doing this was coming to the ring during undercard matches, power bombing the poo out of guys (usually Prince iakea, Lash Lareox, Lenny/Lodi and or a luchadore. He would then say he had four wins on his "Streak". He would come out each week with a post that said "6-0" or whatever the record was. This would be mixed in with wins over top talent. Including winning the United States title from Chris Benoit (whoever that is). I think this was the last great angle WCW ever did. It worked for a few reasons.

1. It was a great heel move by trying to say his streak was as legitimate as Goldberg's.

2. It makes Sid look like a monster.

3. It got viewers to pay attention to every match because Sid might come out.

4. It built anticipation to an eventual Goldberg/Sid match.

It also made Sid more over for interupting bad matches. The gong gimmick is one of my most favorite things in wrestling.


Now for the actual match. Earlier in the show Goldberg attacked Sid and opened up a nasty gash on his head. The announcers put over that Sid was given the option of postponing the match, but Sid insist on wrestling. As Goldberg is coming to the ring he is attacked by the Outsiders for no real reason. This was Vince Russo's first ppv so you had to have a pointlss run in. Though Nash planted a great big boot right in Goldberg's face. Sid takes the opportunity to attack Goldberg. Planting several kicks into Goldberg's ribs. But Goldberg quickly regains control and is throwing Sid around ringside. First driving his head into the ring steps several times. Then pummeling him right in the gash on Sid's forehead. Everything Goldberg does looks great. Watching him you never doubt he wants to hurt Sid. Sid starts trying to fight back but he is already badly bleeding

Sid catches Goldberg coming in thru the ropes and starts clubbing him in the chest before hitting him with the big boot and Goldberg takes a great bump. Now Sid clamps on the camel clutch. This has a great visual of Sid with a crimson mask pulling back as far as he can on Goldbergs head. The thing here is it does not look like Sid is trying to catch a quick rest. But he is trying to rip Goldberg's head off. The best part is Sids eyes popping out with this insane look on his face. It looks like something out of Heavy Metal. Goldberg stands up with Sid on his shoulders and drops him. The fans are reacting big for this match. You can tell its good because Bobby Heenan is actually showing real passion.


Now Goldberg is trying to rip Sid head off his shoulders. While taking every chance to punch the cut on Sid's forehead. Sid fights his way out of it. But now Goldberg is pummeling Sid. Sid attempts to fight back but he is too weak from blood loos. Im not kidding Sid is bleeding like a stuck pig. I think he is bleeding worse than Eddy Guerrero at Judgement Day 2004. Goldberg knocks Sid down with a clothesline. He then makes sure to drop an elbow in Sid's forehead gash.

Sid starts fighting back with several kicks but Goldberg catches his foot and knocks him down. The referee ask f Sid gives up but Sid says hell no and starts hitting Goldberg with a flurry of clubbing forearms. But the bloodloss causes him to slow down. Another great visual of a bug eyed bloody Sid looking enraged while attacking Goldberg.  Sid falls to his knees as Goldberg keeps hitting him. You can look at Goldberg's hand and see it is caked in Sid's blood. The referee finally decides to stop the match and declare Goldberg the winner.

Sid is furious and insisting on fighting but he can barely stand up. Rick Steiner (Sid's tag partner at the time.) comes to the ring. Pleading with Sid to stop. After a few minutes Sid agrees to leave. Goldberg has this cold but angry look on his face. Like he resents having the match stopped because he wanted to hurt Sid some more.

The ref and Rick Steiner are alking Sid to the back. But Sid stops at the entrance way and starts walking back to the ring but is stopped by Rick Steiner and the referee.

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