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GLAAD angry at WWE over line during Raw

The Anti-LBGT defamation group GLAAD has expressed anger about a line that Vince McMahon used on Raw on Monday. This was posted at the GLAAD blog

the episode included a birthday celebration for McMahon that included Vegas showgirls and the aforementioned Cirque du Soleil performers. As the performers bounced into the wrestling ring on springboard-type stilts, McMahon utters, "Those masks are really gay," and later, "Just what every man wants on his birthday."

McMahon here wasn’t implying the performers were gay, however, he used the term in a derogatory manner. It’s just another example of how people throw around the word "gay" derisively.

This came from the leader of a $500 million-plus organization who holds a lot of power in what he says and what he does.

on Raw.

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