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History of Wrestling: "Payback...payback is hell, Ole Anderson!"

Dusty Rhodes had already been involved in some of the greatest feuds in wrestling history by 1980, but perhaps none of them set the country on fire like the Anderson's heel turn in Georgia.

By July of 1980, longtime heel Ole Anderson had been a fan favorite for close to a year. At this time his brother and frequent tag team partner Gene had gone into semi-retirement due to health concerns. Over the past several months, Ole would be a tag partner for Tommy Rich, Stan Hansen, and others in the Georgia area fighting various heel tag teams, but chief among them were the Russians, consisting of Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff.

No one knew that Ole was just waiting for the opportunity to plunge the knife into Dusty Rhodes' back. He waited months, never daring to approach Rhodes in fear he would tip his hand, all the while smiling for the camera and slapping the fans' hands on the way to the ring, letting the act fool Dusty into believing the Andersons had changed. In the back of Ole's mind, however, played a clip from years earlier of an interview Dusty gave after a bloody match involving Ole in which Rhodes said, "This will never be over, Ole, you understand?!?" So when Dusty asked for not only Ole's help with the Russians in a cage match, but also asked that Gene be a special referee for the bout, they knew the trap had been set, and as soon as the cage door was locked and Dusty had been worn down, they would remind him of what is and what will never be.

I cannot recommend watching this clip enough. There is not a single second that is wasted, and when Ole comes out at the beginning you will see why old school heels were so much better than your current variety that are too worried about selling Tshirts to bother selling a feud. Enjoy!

Georgia Wrestling - The Big Turn of 1980 (via popculturestu)

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