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Couture Not Looking Past Nogueira to Lesnar

Our own Jonathan Snowden had a chance recently to talk briefly with both fighters in this weekend's big UFC 102 main event. Both men are fully cognizant of the threat the other poses, and despite rumors to the contrary, both claim to be in good condition for the bout.

Couture has had a whirlwind year, despite a lack of action in the octagon. He's been busy with his fallback career, filming the new Sylvester Stallone movie The Expendables in Los Angeles and Brazil. In the movie he plays Toll Road, a demolition expert.

Ironically, just before he left for the set, he blew up his two-and-a-half year marriage to Kim Couture, serving her divorce papers in April. After his previous divorce from wife Trish, Couture's career spiraled down as he lost his extended network of friends in Oregon. This time, things seem different and he's been able to settle his differences with Kim amicably.

"Unfortunately, I'm going through divorce again, but it's a lot different this time than it was with the 12-year relationship that Trish and I had," Couture said. "... No family, no friends, no business partners involved. Back then, I felt everybody was hating on me all at the same time and it was hard to deal with. This issue is between Kim and I, a two-and-a-half year marriage that's pretty easy to separate and I think things are progressing. The attorneys are doing their jobs and that allows me to just focus on training and get ready for this fight."

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