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The state of babyface Santino


Ever since Santino became a great heel back in the dark wrestling summer of 2007 he has been a favorite due to his humor. However in the last few months Santino has has become a lackluster face.

When Santino first turned face a few months ago he was in a feud with Vikie Guerrero and Chavo,. This feud was a decent start of the babyface Santino era , He had a clear heel that people loved to make fun of (including the writers it seems…. Did they really have to point out that Edge never had sex with her?).But since the Vickie feud ended Santino has been lost. Right now he is kind of like Fozzie Bear, he does something wacky and the crowd thinks " That’s our Santino!" or maybe "oh here comes that Santino here to entertain us with his stupidly".

See the difference with heel Santino is that he was a annoying (but funny) little shit that the crowd wanted to see get fucked up for being a annoying little shit,. face Santino on the other hand is still a annoying little shit that does skits with guest hosts and that is about it. ( unlike funny heels that turned face like Rock or Jericho, Santino was never given credibility as a wrestler.) One would hope that this will all end soon and Santino will be back as a heel talking about his honk-ameter.

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