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Jumping the Gun: Danielson's WWE Gimmick

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In case you missed it a couple days ago, ROH reported what some thought would never happen and others figured was inevitable. WWE's signing of Bryan "American Dragon" Danielson. Danielson was the final indie darling from the late 90s/early 00s era left to sign to a major promotion. He's known for his in-ring ability more than anything, so it's hard to guess how WWE will repackage him. It's doubtful a "No Gimmicks Needed" type of thing would work for him due to his lack of size. So I'm leaving the fantasy repackaging up to you early Cageside Seats Adopters. The best idea for a gimmick will win you the accolades of your peers which will no doubt lead to everyone wanting to be invited to your pizza party. SO whatcha got?