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Mickie James comments on "Piggy James" stupidity


In an interview with promoting this coming Tuesday's Smackdown/ECW taping at the Meadowlands, Mickie James was asked about her current angle:

Q. You were part of a segment a couple weeks ago where one of the other Divas was criticizing your weight. Are you ever hesitant to try a storyline where it tackles an issue like that?

Well, no, because I don't think I'm heavy, for one. I'm only 130, 135 pounds. But at the same time, no, because it's entertainment. Is it my favorite? I don't really know. I guess we'll have to see where it goes. It depends on the payoff. We're telling stories and we're building emotional things where people can actually connect with it. And I think that a lot of women in general, society has put on this thing where every female should look like Paris Hilton who is 6-foot something, and 100 pounds. That's not how America is and that's not how the real women in the world look.

I can't tell if she doesn't know that the announcers are also making fun of her weight (and not necessarily in a heel-face way) or if she's being politically tactful.  Or both.

As noted by the UK Sun last week, she also commented on it on her Twitter account:

Awe! Thank you, sweetie. And I agree. I think the example being set is pathetic.


Giving the youth a warped perception of beauty. After all¿one has to love themselves first.


Society makes that hard. No worries. I love myself and my body. 130lbs is hardly fat


I never said WWE...if anyone read it, I said society. If people want to use quotes from my Twitter, please make sure you quote me correctly!

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