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Cageside Radio 12/20/09 - Debut show w/ Steve Lerner: Bret Hart signs w/ WWE, Benoit news, Sheamus, and more


Steve Lerner (S.L.L.) of Segunda Caida joins David Bixenspan of Cageside Seats for a new podcast dealing more with current news discussion than the existing Loser Leaves Town shows  In the debut show, we talk about Bret Hart's signing with WWE for the road to Wrestlemania, the latest info that Michael Benoit relayed to Irv Muhnick, Test's brain damage, the WWE/Obama fiasco, Sheamus (which somehow segues into a mindbogglingly long discussion about Wikipedia's lamest edit wars that we loved, though your mileage may vary), ROH's mishaps at Final Battle, and more.  It's quite long thanks in part to the folks at Wikipedia, but we had a good time and hope you'll have one listening.

Download it here.

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