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War Machine unleashes himself on porn party

MMA fighter turned porn star War Machine (the former Jon Koppenhaver) was at some industry party when he attacked his manager and pretty much everyone in sight.  Mr. Machine tweeted about the incident (though he deleted some of his posts one of the missing ones is at the first link in this post) in a short-sighted fashion similar to that of Jeff Hardy after his drug arrest.

War Machine's behavior has been compared to that of a whacked out pro wrestler and other wrestlers have, in fact had strange outbursts at parties.

These include, but are not limited to:

- The Sandman at Lou Albano's 75th birthday party last year.  This one is especially notable for both making the local newspapers AND being caught on video.  Sandman drunkenly (of course) toasted the guiding light before getting into a brawl with the owner of the restaurant that the party was being held in.  A SWAT team had to be called in.

- At Ric Flair's 41st birthday party in 1990, Wahoo McDaniel decided to nail Brian Pillman with a football tackle.  After a brief mention of the incident in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a message board poster asked for more details:

I just got the new WO today, and I came across a blurb about how 16 years ago, at Flair's 41st b-day party, Wahoo tackled Brian Pillman. What's the story behind this?
To which Meltzer replied:
I was sitting in a chair. Brian Pillman walked in half loaded. Wahoo was there, 2/3 loaded. Wahoo tackled Brian. End of story.

- Vince McMahon at John Filipelli's birthday party in the early '90s.  Fillipelli, now with the YES network, worked in WWF television production and had various friends in the sports world, including Frank DeFord. From Vince's interview as part of the Congress's look into the wrestling business:

Q The journalist, a wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, in a July 2007 piece compiled ‐‐
Mr. McDevitt. That's an oxymoron.
Q ‐‐ a list of 60 or over 60 former professional wrestlers who in his assessment had died early. Are you familiar with ‐‐
A I'm not familiar with anything Dave Meltzer writes. He's a gossip columnist. I don't read what he has to write. Like I say, he's a dirt monger. There are a number of those. We call them dirt sheets and they have very little credibility.
Q What about ‐‐ some of his work received coverage in a number of other more mainstream outlets, for example, Sports Illustrated. I believe Frank Deford did a story on the Meltzer numbers. Are you familiar with that?
A Look, I've borrowed one of Frank Deford's shoes one night. He doesn't like me.
Q Are you familiar with his story?
A No. Other than Frank Deford wrote something derogatory. But, you know, he has no sense of humor and he doesn't like me. We were bowling one night and I borrowed one of his shoes and he never found it. And so he had to walk home in a bowling shoe and one of his others, and he was upset about that I understand.
Mr. Leviss. I'm going to have to note that would be upsetting too.
Mr. O'Neil. Now we know the rest of the story.
Mr. McDevitt. You're hearing something for the first time, too. I never heard that one.
Mr. McMahon. Well, actually I also borrowed one of his wife's shoes, too.
Mr. McDevitt. That's a whole different story.
Mr. McMahon. I left that part out.
Mr. Leviss. I take it she was not your size.

According to Dave Meltzer, the version that Vince McMahon told him at the time was different and involved Pat Patterson stealing the shoes.

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