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IWA Mid-South re-opens less than 3 months after folding

So sayeth Ian Rotten at the forum.

If you are owed any refunds, you can use that refund towards tickets, dvds, tshirts, merchandise at this event. We are working on trying to get the money raised in order to pay back the money that is owed to our fans from TPI. I have been out trying to find a steady job and haven't landed anything yet after a couple of interviews. The best way that I know to raise money to pay back our fans is to start running smaller budget shows to get money coming in. Smart Mark money is way down without any new shows to sell. I realize that it is going to anger people that I'm doing shows again but it is the only way that I know to support my family. Hopefully you will bear with me and if you are local and owed money, come out and enjoy a free wrestling show. If you aren't owed money, pay to come out and see a fun show and some people that are owed money can get that money that they are owed.

I really shouldn't be surprised but I am a little bit since they did actually cease running shows and talked about losing their internet connection.

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