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Don't Worry, Ric Flair's Still Crazy

Ric Flair Return (via HulkamaniaAustralia)


Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan have been trying to out-crazy one another for the past 30 or so years to varying degrees of success, so it's only fitting that they'd both come out of "retirement" together to form the Hulkamania promotion, now scant weeks away from tearing ass through the wilds of Australia and setting the Southern Hemisphere ablaze with old-man wackadoo.  After being treated to several rambling top-form Hogan promos hyping the tour, we finally get a glimpse of Flair in all his glory. 

With the rumor mill positing that Flair is soon to join Hogan in TNA, we should all be waiting with bated breath, because a brand new wrestling Renaissance is about to blossom, and it will be spectacular.

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