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WWE employee claims that Brock Lesnar has hepatitis B


Over at forum, there is a thread about Brock Lesnar's iillness.  At first glance, there's nothing out of the ordinary.  Then Adam Circumstance started posting.  Adam is a WWE employee who works in production and is best known online as a moderator at the forums.  He posted something very interesting in the NJ Scene thread:

He's got Hep B and they're not gonna let him fight again.

When pushed further, he replied:

Nah that's just what i heard....but i just read what Dana said so who knows...

Any way you look at it the Heavyweight Division is fucked.
Industry gossip certainly has it's way of working itself through Titan Towers so it's worth reporting, but there's no indication yet that it's anything more than a rumor made notable by who's spreading it.

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