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Brock Lesnar hospitalized after collapse in Canada, is "seriously ill"

Various news outlets are reporting that UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has been hospitalized after collapsing at his property in Canada, where he was resting while recovering from mononucleosis.  Dana White confirmed that Lesnar is also suffering from another illness but Lesnar requested that the specifics not be revealed other than to note that it's not cancer or AIDS.  Dave Meltzer is reporting that there may even be more than the mono and a second unknown illness.

White was quoted by TSN as saying that "He's not going to be getting well any time soon," also noting that Lesnar may have to go to the Mayo Clinic or another major hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.  Obviously, Lesnar's January 2nd fight with Shane Carwin has been indefinitely postponed.  There may be a match made to determine an interim champion, but since the top contenders are mostly recovering from injuries, it's unclear who would be involved or when it would take place.

The former NCAA champion wrestler went through WWE's developmental program for 2 years before debuting on Monday Night Raw and becoming WWE Champion within 6 months of his TV debut.   While he was an above average draw, he burnt out on the lifestyle and quit wrestling to try a run at the NFL.  His best offers came from NFL Europe teams, which he turned down.  He wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling briefly, even winning their IWGP World Heavyweight Title, before leaving the company over a financial dispute and taking the physical belt with him.  Meanwhile, WWE alleged that he violated the no-compete clause of his release, but he won the ensuing lawsuit after some brilliant legal maneuvering where he negotiated a return to the company, was offered less than his previous contract, and used the offer in his favor in court.

He turned his attention to training for MMA, and after a quick debut at the infamous K-1 show at the Los Angeles Coliseum, signed with UFC.  His first fight for the company was against Frank Mir, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion who was wildly inconsistent after a motorcycle accident.  Booked as a no-lose situation based on Mir's heavyweight title reign, Mir won with a quick submission after a rookie mistake by Lesnar.  Lesnar won his next fight against well-regarded Heath Herring en route to getting a title shot against Randy Couture, who was returning after a contract dispute for what was sure to be a big money fight.  Lesnar won the title, but wasn't "undisputed champion" until defeating Mir (who had defeated interim champion Minotauro Nogiuera) at UFC 100 this past summer.  The well-hyped event was by far the biggest in UFC history, garnering 1.7 million pay per view buys, plus plenty of closed circuit TV money via bars, hotels, and a live broadcast at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  The 1.7 million buy number made it, by far, the biggest non-boxing event in PPV history.

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