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The Ric Flair Divorce Pool Starts Today


Yes, he's getting married for the 4th time today to a lass named Jackie Beems.  Here they are earlier this year:


She follows in the footsteps of the Jewess that gave birth to David (and Meghan) whose name I don't know, Beth, the mother of Reid (and Ashley), who accused Ric of blading when they got into fights so it would look like he attacked her (leading to Ric quickly agreeing to her terms when they divorced so more wouldn't come out), and Tiffany VanDeMark, the very comely "fitness competitor" who separated from Ric within months of their wedding.  There's no word yet as to what Ric is planning to pawn when they split.


Edited to add BREAKING NEWS:

This photo just went up at People of Walmart:


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