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Cageside Seats Monster Month #24




When I first began to seek out Japanese wrestling one of the first promotions that really caught my eye was FMW. Not because they were putting on good shows or had a glut of great matches or wrestlers. They got my attention because of their willingness to book fat ass dudes who bled buckets. At the forefront of this movement were the Headhunters, two fat Puerto Rican twins who were simply referred to as "Headhunter A" and "Headhunter B". Easy enough. I have always struggled to describe the Headhunters as they were so unlike any other tag team of their generation. They were really fat, but they could also do 30 minute brawls unlike other large teams. The best way I've heard them described was when internet legend Raven Mack once called them "Twin Abdullah the Butchers with moonsault capability". That pretty much sums them up. They bumped around Japan, Mexico and the U.S. for a while in the early 90's, gaining a little exposure in ECW among other places. They had a couple cups of coffee in the WWF in the mid 90's but could never stick. They mainly made their bones working the sleaze indies in Japan and Puerto Rico. They bled a ton and would make their opponents bleed a ton and were ugly as sin. Here's a good match with them taking on Silver King and El Texacano and a match where they fight each other in a Glass Deathmatch. Dig it.


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