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Indie Guys You Need to Know: Kevin Steen

PWG 2009 BOLA Profile: Kevin Steen (via TigerDriver98)


"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen has been a favorite of the indie scene for years.  First coming to prominence in promotions like IWS in his native Canada, Steen originally built his reputation as a heavier guy who wrestled really, really well.  In an age where an indie star like Ruckus was able to build heavy word-of-mouth as "fat guy who can do lots of flips", Steen focused on being solid in all aspects of his ring work and by hitting people harder than the average wrestler would.

Fast forward to a few years later, when Steen began working very often with California's Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and getting his largest exposure with Ring of Honor, where he was teamed with the excitable El Generico.  His charisma began to show through more and he established his character as being a fat, violent asshole.  In fact, one of the best things about Ring of Honor since the departure of Samoa Joe and Homicide in 2007 has been the tag team of Steen and Generico and the relationship between the two. 

Steen has rarely had a bad match in Ring of Honor, and the majority of his tag matches with Generico are must-sees, in particular their feud against the Jay and Mark Briscoe and their current feud with the American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, both of which featured insane "ladder wars", the only two of their kind in ROH history.  Check out any match featuring "Steenerico" against the Briscoes and you won't be disappointed. 

Which is not to say that Steen hasn't had success as a singles competitor.  Above is a video made by the consistantly-amazing TigerDriver98 hyping this year's upcoming Battle of Los Angeles.  This year, Steen will have a chance to win the tournament and become a two-time PWG World Champion.

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