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Junie Browning Arrested

The "bad boy" of The Ultimate Fighter season 8, Junie Browning, was arrested in Nevada on Tuesday night. 

According to the police report, Browning took a bunch of anti-anxiety medication and his friends took him to the hospital.  Browning attempted to leave the hospital and allegedly assaulted three nurses as they tried to stop him, while screaming:

"Do you know who I am?  I will kill you and rape your family."

Browning was released earlier today but is being charged with three counts of battery.

It is being speculated that Browning took the medication in a suicide attempt.  Word is that Dana White has terminated Browning's UFC contract as a result of the incident. 

Browning was notable on The Ultimate Fighter for being a raging alcoholic with a short fuse, and was nearly thrown off the show for tossing glasses at fellow contestants.  His last fight was a short loss to Cole Miller.  Look for Strikeforce to pick him up soon.  Or TNA.

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