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Booker T is at the End of His Rope

TNA star Booker T, one half of the World Tag Team Champions, is griping to everyone who will listen that he is fed up with the company.  Last week his tag team partner, Scott Steiner, took it upon himself to tear up a Swiss flag at an event in Zurich, and the audience took it upon themselves to throw anything they could into the ring.  Booker and his wife/valet Sharmell hightailed it to the dressing room and refused to wrestle in the main event. 

Earlier today, the Observer reported the following:

There was a blow up last night at the TNA tapings when Booker T refused to do a job for Matt Morgan.  According to a TNA source who confirmed the story, Booker's contract is about to expire and negotiations for a new deal aren't going well.  We had been hearing for weeks that Booker has been telling people he's going back to WWE when his deal expires.  People are saying Booker right now feels very similar to Christian at the end of his TNA contract, although [Christian] was said to have handled it more professionally.  He expected TNA to be his island of tranquility after a bad WWE experience at the end of his run.  Those in WWE had talked about him coming back over the summer, but it may be quicker than that.

It's probably a good thing for WWE if Booker returns, as it would be a short-term shot in the arm if they want to plug him in immediately as a main eventer.  The ironic thing is that in Booker's first few months in TNA, everyone was raving about how the new company had revitalized his attitude and his passion, and he stated he was having the time of his life.  Flash forward to the past ten months or so, and he's been phoning it in and looking embarrassed to be associated with the product. 

It should also be noted that The Bleacher Report is stating that Steiner will also be gone from TNA soon, and that RVD may be signing up with TNA, but both of those rumors don't have much meat to them.

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