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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

Todau im looking at a match from Hardcore Heaven 1997. That supposedly bad pay per view that produced almost all good matches. From Bam Bam Bigelow killing Spike Dudley to Jerry Lawler giving Tommy Dreamer one of his best matches ever. The match im looking at is PG-13 vs the Dudleys.


PG-13 are one of the great unsung acts of the 1990's. Being a fixture of the USWA and multi time tag team champions. JC Ice is the son of Memphis legend Bill Dundee. Wolfie D is just an all around good wrestler and brawler. Unfortuneatly they are most famous for being destroyed by the Road warriors in a minute on a 97 episode of Raw is War. Gotta love their attitude. Instead of pouting they go in and take the biggest asskicking possible. After that they moved to ECW.

The Dudley Boys are one of my favorite acts in wrestling ever. Not nessicarily a favorite tag team but just a great gimmick. Its past time somebody ripped it off. The gimmick being a large family of brothers of various colors, shapes and sizes. I think the unseen Daddy Dudley was a traveling salesman. By 1997 the Dudley act had involved into being four Dudleys (D-Von, Bubba Ray, Big Dick and Sign Guy), Bubba and D-Von after a long brother vs brother feud were now a team. Big Dick was the muscle and Sign Guy was the luggage. In addition to that they had gotten an announcer/manager in Joel Gertner.

The story to this match was the Dudleys had lost the tag team titles to the Gangsta's (Nw Jack and Mustafa) the month before. The Dudleys attacked the Gangstas and injured both of them.. If the Gangsta's could not defend the belts at Hardcore Heaven 97, the belts would be awarded to the Dudleys. The Dudleys would have to defend the belts against the newly arrived PG-13.

The Dudleys are joined by porn star Jenna Jameson. Gertner's line of the night "This bout is for the ECW tag team championship. Your referee is...... Bald." The camera cuts to an enraged John Finnegan.

PG-13 come to the ring.  JC Ice says that Mama Dudley is a ho. Ice is clearly not well versed in Dudley history. This upsets D-Von quite a bit. He then implies Bubba has a weight problem. Which sets Bubba off. Finally he tells Jameson he is willing to do her and to meet him at the Days Inn.

Match starts with Wolfie outwrestling D-Von getting a quik tag to Ice and hitting a nice atomic drop/clothesline combo. Ice and D-Von start crisscrossing the ropes and Ice slides out the floor and kissses Jameson. I think Jamie Dundee is the only guy in this match, Jameson could credibly fear getting a diesease from.

Now its Bubba and Wolfie going at it. Bubba overpowers Wolfie at fist. but Wolfieflips out of an attempted atomic drop and hits a hurracanrana and drops Bubba with some punches. Bubba ducks an attempted Wolfie D crossbody. There is this bit where D-Von grabs Wolfies arm and works it over in the corner while Bubba distracts the ref. This happens a few times before Wolfie throws Bubba into the corner and D-Von not looking works over Bubba's arm. The Dudleys start arguing distracting PG-13 long enough for Big Dick to double chokeslam Ice and Wolfie. Too bad the crappy production team misses it.

Dudleys are no in control. Mowing down Ice with a double shoulderblock. Followed by Bubba spitting on Wolfie. Ice flips out of an attempted backbody drop and starts hitting Bubba only to be tripped up by Jenna Jameson. The Dudleys control the match with some nice tag team wrestling. Ice kicks Bubba in the balls and DDT's D-Von to tag in Wolfie D.

Wolfie cleans house with a dropkick on both Dudleys and hitting D-Von with a sitout powerbomb. Bubba breaks up the pin and goes to the ropes but JC Ice has Bubba by his overalls. Long enough for Wolfie to hit a top rope bulldog.

Ice gets caught by the Dudleys on an attempted pescado but Wolfie knocks down everyone with a running senton.

They throw the Dudleys inside but Wolfie messes up and gets caught with 3D.

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