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Fedor's Rogers Prep: Taking a Bride


Fedor has finally shown some sign of actual weakness, in an unexpected place. The man that is known for being a superhuman Russian fighting machine has actually gone out of his comfort zone and gotten married. Yes, Fedor Emelianenko has taken a bride in the midst of training for his fight against Brett Rogers. Look, I know people will be upset over that, but he is Fedor. He could nap and eat potato chips with a beer resting on his belly and I'd still feel confident in him in a fight.


Fedor shocked the world this weekend by giving us evidence that he may in fact be human (or his Terminator model came equipped with a pre-programmed marriage script). On October 4th, The Last Emperor got hitched in Stary Oskol to a chick named 'Marina'. Dude definitely did a good job and props to the priest for throwing a crown over Fedor's head (he knew what was up).

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