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Kazushi Sakuraba: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen

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Tomorrow night, Kazushi Sakuraba makes his return to the ring for DREAM in Japan.  It's a return to action that literally no one has been awaiting with baited breath.  As Jonathan Snowden points out at, Sakuraba is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Now the hall of famer is firmly in the Ali-Holmes stage of his career. He's clearly no longer the man he once was, and just as clearly needs to stop fighting to protect his long term health. Yet, promoters keep dragging him back to the ring. And he goes willingly. And audiences still want to watch him fight and in an ugly business that trumps all. Everyone is responsible for the tragedies, yet no one is.

Snowden runs down Sakuraba's history in the piece.  He's clearly one of the most important figures in MMA history.  It's a shame to see him come to this.  Remember this up and coming fighters:  save your money so you can save your brain. 

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