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Cageside Seats Monster Month #2




One of the most intimidating and merciless men both in and out of the ring, Bruiser Brody was a wrestling nomad who bounced from territory to territory and continent to continent. Known for being incredibly stiff in the ring and a notorious hard ass backstage, he was a polarizing figure. As far as wrestlers went he was one of the best big guys ever and induced fear in both the fans and his opponents. Everywhere he went he drew money. Of course, he never stayed anywhere too long for fear of growing stale and also because he had a habit of going into business for himself and not doing jobs. He was a promoters greatest asset and also his biggest headache. Unfortunately for us, Brody was shanked and bled to death in a Puerto Rican locker room by eternal douche bag Jose Gonzalez. A wild eyed, crazy haired, chain swinging mad man, Bruiser Brody shattered the mold of what a monster looked like and blurred the line between reality and entertainment. They don't make 'em like him anymore. Here's a match between him and a VEEEEEERY young Undertaker as well as an awesome brawl between Brody and Terry Funk. We're almost to the end of Monster Month! Come back tomorrow to see who clinched the top spot on our list of the top monsters in the history of pro wrestling.


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