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Cageside Seats Monster Month #3




Psycho Sid. Sid Justice. Sid Vicious. Sid Eudy. Master and Ruler. The dude who put his leg on backwards. These are all titles that Sid answers to. I would say that Sid is my greatest "guilty pleasure" but I find no guilt in being a fan of his. At 6'9 he casts an ominous shadow over the world. Bad enough to attack a man with a pair of scissors or a squeegee, Sid fears no one walking the Earth. I have a dream of one day seeing Sid show up on Raw and him powerbombing CM Punk off of the stage. Yes, I'm aware that Punk is on Smackdown now. This is my dream so BACK OFF. The only thing that equals his love for death and destruction is his love of softball. WWF, ECW, WCW, Sid has been there and curb stomped that. The man who single handedly keeps Body Glove in business and makes the fist bump cool. Bow down before your master and ruler!



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